Vision Chemical Splash Station

Vision Chemical Splash Station

  • Neutralising effect, reduces flushing time and volume of fluid needed to dilute acid and alkali splashes.
  • Luminous, printed instructions. Bottle includes integral eye bath.
  • Eye wash for acid and alkali.
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Extended Description

Standard Reliwash Saline Eye Wash is ideally suited for flushing and irrigating the eyes. The new Redcap Phosphate Buffered Solution also has a neutralising effect; significantly reducing the flushing time and volume of fluid required to dilute Acid and Alkali splashes.

The most effective treatment of any Acid or Alkali splash requires immediate flushing. The range of Redcap Phosphate Buffered Solutions, Chemical Splash Stations, and Kits, ensures there is a product perfectly suited to enable first responders to achieve this goal.

Dual-purpose, HSE compliant eye wash station. Wipeable, hard-wearing ABS plastic with luminous printed instructions; effective for locating the station during a power cut. Dustproof heavy-duty cover keeps contents clean. Central mirror makes application easy. Contains easy-to-squeeze bottles with integrated eye bath, allowing the eye to be irrigated easily and efficiently. Reduces risk of severe injury caused by acid, alkali, or particulate contamination.

Kit Contents

2 Dressings, Eye Pad
2 Eye Wash Redcap, Bottles 500ml
5 Eye Wash, Pods 20ml
1 Mirror

Product Dimensions

36cmH x 51cmW x 10cmD