Code: P-834
Ideal for removing dirt and debris from a wound Pointed end allows for higher preci...
Code: P-807
A Design for Every Situation. Sterile and Non-Sterile Options. Disposable and Re-Us...
Code: P-885
Standard Mercury Reading Ideal for Working Environments SKU: 885-CASE OF 200
Code: P-847
Curved blade design 4.5" Delivery room essential SKU: 847-PACK OF 25
Code: P-826
For removal of metallic objects. Double-ended and compact. Magnet facilitates safe...
Code: P-499
Tubular Bandage Finger Applicator Economic Plastic Version Very Simple to Use...
Code: P-832
Ideal for removing dirt and debris from a wound Integrated magnifier allows for hig...
Code: P-891
Iris Scissors Curved  SKU: 891
Code: P-877
Black forceps for sharps disposal. Ideal for kit replenishment. Specific design to be...
Code: 2885
Ten available training scenarios, two custom training scenarios.