Overseas First Aid Kit in Helsinki Bag

Overseas First Aid Kit in Helsinki Bag

  • For complete sterile protection when travelling abroad.
  • Essential for private / corporate travel to developing nations.
  • Provides peace of mind to travellers in case of an emergency.
  • Helsinki Bag is compact to optimise¬†space in luggage.
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Extended Description

This kit is designed to be handed to a medical professional abroad where the sterility of medical disposables cannot be guaranteed.

Our retail range of soft bag first aid kits are manufactured from tough, durable, yet highly attractive rip-stop fabric. The innovative design features make the Scandi range one of the most versatile and practical choices for first aid bags. From soft moulded carry handles and zipper pulls, right through to individually designed interiors including netted compartments and zipped pockets.

Kit Contents

1     Certificate for Overseas
1     Guidance Leaflet
5     Needles, Blue 23g x 1.25″
5     Needles, Green  21g x 1.5″
5     Needles, Orange 25g x 0.625″
2     Non-adherent Dressings 5cm x 5cm
10   Plasters, Washproof Spot
1      Suture W319
2     Syringes 10ml
4     Syringes 2.5ml
4     Syringes 5ml
1     Tape, Microporous
1     Winged Infusion Set, 21g x 19mm
6     Wipes, Pre-injection Swabs

Product Dimensions

14cmH x 11cmW x 8cmD